Sweatshirt Alexis Mabille Strass

Look #2 Denim, Strass et derbies

Look #2

Tenue Outfit denim jean brut kobo sweater

Sweatshirt Alexis Mabille Strass

Tenue outfit denim derby cat

Tenue outfit maurice manufacture shoes chaussures

nailmatic vernis à ongle nail lacquer red


La tenue / The outfit

  • Jean – J Brand (fabrication américaine / made in USA)
  • Pull / sweater – Alexis Mabille (fabrication française / handmade in France)
  • Chaussures / shoes – Maurice Manufacture (fabrication française / made in France)
  • Vernis / nail polish Nailmatic (fabrication française – sans produit chimiques / made in France – no chemicals)

Le verdict


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