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2014 review and 2015 resolutions

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2014 Review started out this summer when I opened a vision changing book: Elisabeth L Cline’s Overdressed. I had never really heard of the concept of Slow Fashion.

This reading was actually the final push up I needed to start getting myself a consumption change.

Young designers shopping had already been on my fashion diet for a few years. It had been since I realized that you could be stuck every morning in the subway with 10 people wearing the same cheap outfit. This quite frightening thought made me search for unique designers.

And I were able to find many of them actually. Those people are making limited editions, often locally produced and always unique garments. Those garments have a story to tell, and this was exactly what drawn me.

I had been trying to gradually reduce my visits to Fast Fashion chain stores for a few months when I read Elisabeth L Cline’s book. At that time I realized that I needed to go even further in my habits’ transformation.

From that time on, I did not do any shopping in a Fast Fashion stores. I also started to research and read about the Slow Fashion Movement. This is how the idea of making The New Wardrobe came out to me. I wanted to get myself (and my friends) a list of all the designers who are making positive fashion.

And after a few months, I discovered many wonderful labels producing locally, using low footprint fabrics or upcycling and this is just the beginning!

In 2015 I will continue to post about ethical fashion. Whether it is designers, shops, books and articles or even cool initiatives.


In 2015, to slow fashion and beyond!

I never really took good resolutions for the New Year but I guess I’ll give it a try this year, so here are my 5 resolutions for 2015:

1- No to buy anything from a Fast Fashion brand

2- Keep on getting myself a new slow fashioned wardrobe

3- Keep on sharing my discoveries of ethical fashion designers and stores

4- Keep on reading about Slow Fashion (and sharing those readings)

Last but not least, a resolution which is not directly related to fashion

5- Because ethical consuming is not just for fashion I want to be conscious about the food I eat and the cosmetics I use


In 2015, you are going to see mor of The New Wardrobe on the internet with a brand new Facebook Page as well as a Pinterest page.

In anyways, 2015 will be an ethically fashioned year!


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Happy New Year 2015

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